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What do I get when I advertise with X-Stream Sports?

Customized Audio Ads

Ad Placement

Do I need a produced Sponsorship Message?

NO! We will work with you on producing a message perfect to tell your story. There’s no additional charge for writing and producing your message.

Can I use a Sponsorship Message that I already have?

SURE! Or you can produce your own Sponsorship Message or have someone do it for you.

How quickly can I get my Sponsorship Message on the air?

If you already have a produced Sponsorship Message that you can send us we can normally get your message on the air within 24 hours. If we need to write and produce your Sponsorship Message we can normally get you on the air with 48 hours.

How do I know my Sponsorship Messages are running?

We can provide play reports that show the day and the times the Sponsorship Messages ran on-the-air.



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